Transparency Law

The Estació Nàutica Association manages its own funds from the fees of its members and the services rendered to them. It also receives subsidies, so the entity must comply with Law 19/2014, of December 29, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, in such a way that the scope of information on the fate of this fund and the social returns obtained are homogeneous. 

Given that the entity does not receive more than € 100,000 per year in subsidies, nor do they exceed 40% of their annual income, the entity must comply with article 15.2 of the Transparency Law: 

"Article 15.2 The regulatory bases for the granting of subsidies and public subsidies that may be granted for an amount exceeding 10,000 euros must include the obligation of the beneficiaries, if they are legal persons, of reporting entities the information relative to the remuneration of their management or administrative bodies, in order to make them public, in the legal cases in which a concurrence process is not applied to grant subsidies or aid, this obligation must include the corresponding act or agreement. "

Therefore, the management positions of Estació Nàutica Association are not remunerated and this fact is communicated to the corresponding administration during the justification of the subsidies that are received annually. For more information about the administration of the Nautical Station, you can contact us at or 977 10 10 10.