Ornithology and environmental education activities at Plegadís foundation

Plegadís Foundation aims to boost environmental formation and education. The following days bird ringing and birdwatching activities for all audiences will be organised:

 November the 3rd

December the 1st

January the 19th

February the 16th

March the 16th

April the 20th

May the 11th

 These activities are only some of the different lines of work the Foundation is developing. Among it, the rehabilitation of wildlife focusing in species such as Emys orbicularis (tortugues d'estany), Tyto alba (mifa) and Falco tinnunculus (xoriguer).

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know Plegadís!

Check info@enlarapita.com or (+34) 977 10 10 10 for more information and booking.